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Carp Ridge Chardonnay

$32.00 each

Civil Grit Marquette

$25.00 each

Civil Grit Gamay

$25.00 each

KIN Chardonnay

$25.00 each

Civil Grit Chardonnay

$25.00 each

KIN Pinot Noir

$30.00 each

Carp Ridge Pinot Noir

$38.00 each

KINdling Sparkling

$26.00 each

Carp Ridge Skin Fermented Chardonnay (Natural Wine)

An earthy nose of ginger root, chamomile, dried lemon and freshly turned soil.  The palate shows earthy/mushroom, dried flowers and a pleasant astringency like that of steeped tea leaves, all framed by a perfect balance of alcohol and acidity for a long, dry finish.

$26.00 each

Pinot Noir Rose

A nose of pink grapefruit, strawberry and lemon zest. The palate replays the same fruit notes as the nose with a balance of acidity, alcohol and a dry, medium finish.

$27.00 each


Pronounced nose of rose petal, jasmine, lychee and grapefruit zest.  The palate replays the same floral and fruit notes with a richer and slightly waxy texture leading to a long, dry finish.

$27.00 each
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