Landing background

Fine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from
two vineyards in the heart of the Ottawa Valley.

Astonishing, original. From earth to vine to wine,
KIN Vineyards is committed to crafting brilliant wines
from our remarkable terroir.

As stewards of 100 acres of land (16 under vine), and as practitioners of truly sustainable viticulture, our pursuit of winemaking perfection begins with the soil.

KIN Vineyards tends two vineyards nestled along the Carp Ridge, adjoined by the Carp River, and resting upon the grey limestone of the Ottawa Formation. Each vineyard supports a distinct terroir, a unique personality, and a tremendous potential for remarkable wine.


The Carp block, sloping south and west, overlooks the Valley at its pastoral best. The vineyard is bisected by the Hazeldean Fault showing glacial till over limestone on the upper slope and clay loam over limestone on the lower slope.


The Kinburn block, resting between the Ridge and the River, shows a darker clay loam from the historical Champlain Seabed over the limestone Formation below.

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay: the Carp block is devoted to this Burgundian ideal. The diverse Kinburn block includes Dijon clones of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and includes plantings of Cabernet Franc, Muscat Ottonel, Vidal Blanc, Marechal Foch, Marquette and Frontenac.

The KINfolk have a unique agrarian sensibility to winegrowing using sustainable farming practices. Our tender vinifera vines are gently and painstakingly buried under earth each fall. Nothing is easy about our viticultural methods.

We offer three distinct tiers of wine influenced by the varietals and by the method of winemaking.


This Marechal Foch, tended at the historic Kinburn Estate, is an earthy wine revealing layers of personality.
The KIN team is committed to viticultural methods and sustainable farming practices that respect the environment and allow...
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Civil Grit unoaked chardonnay

KIN Vineyards’ unoaked Chardonnay is crafted in stainless steel barrels. Refreshingly crisp, with a flinty minerality, this wine reveals KIN’s terroir driven philosophy.
The Kin team takes a careful, hands-on approach to crafting wine, both in the vineyard...
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KIN Vineyards Chardonnay

KIN Vineyards’ flagship wine transcends the norm. Chardonnay, hand picked, barrel fermented, aged in French oak barrels. Toffee, bright floral, complex.
A Tribute to Extraordinary Dimensions: KIN.
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in is family.
It is community.
It is connectivity.

And, for us, it is finding our stride in the pleasure of hard work. In dirt and grapeskin we find a purposeful agency with the land. The hard, agrarian road resonates. It is the right road.

Brian Hamilton


Brian brings a wealth of international winemaking expertise to the Ottawa region. Having made his mark at high end wineries in New Zealand, California, and Niagara, Brian is now head winemaker at KIN Vineyards. Brian’s approach to winemaking fits hand-in-glove with KIN Vineyards’ goal to produce the finest wines in a way sympathetic to the land.

Christopher Van Barr


Chris is a hands-on owner and farmer who believes that the most interesting and elegant wines come from the edge where skill and hard work can create something magical.

Alan Krueger


With years of notable and awarded experience in education, Alan brings the creative and holistic thinking inherent in Rudolf Steiner's agricultural practices to vineyard management. From working on farms in south western Ontario to living with agriculture students at Guelph University, Alan has always been inspired by the ideas of growth that supports natural development.

A Note About Our Winery Consultant

Peter Gamble

Winery Consultant

As the former director of Vintners Quality Alliance, and consultant to several top tier wineries across Canada, Peter offers an amazing wealth of knowledge which reveals itself throughout KIN Vineyards’ strategy and presence.

Giving back is a critical component to our belief in community growth and sustainability.

KIN Vineyards is an Ottawa Valley experience that happens to include a vineyard.



  • Carp and Westboro Saturday Farmers' Markets

    Vernissage at Clover on Bank Street Tuesday September 20th, 5 to 9 pm Food Portraits by Jennifer Barnaby


From the Vineyard


How to find great wines off the beaten track

"Pinot will rarely give a huge blockbuster red; the secret of understanding it is to concentrate on the way it smells and the way it feels in the mouth, which should be rich and silky. Of all red grape varieties, this must be the one that responds most dramatically to the vineyard site."

Try our wines at these Ottawa restaurants! Atelier, 18, Must, Heirloom, The Wild Oat, Clover.



2225 Craig's Side Road
Carp, ON


3856 Loggers Way
Kinburn, ON



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