As stewards of 47 acres of land (10 under vine), and as practitioners of truly sustainable viticulture, our pursuit of winemaking perfection begins with the soil.

KIN Vineyards tends to a vineyard nestled along the Carp Ridge, adjoined by the Carp River, and resting upon the grey limestone of the Ottawa Formation. The vineyard supports a distinct terroir, a unique personality, and a tremendous potential for remarkable wine.

Carp Ridge

The Carp Ridge, sloping south and west, overlooks the Valley at its pastoral best. The vineyard is bisected by the Hazeldean Fault showing glacial till over limestone on the upper slope and clay loam over limestone on the lower slope.


Pinot Noir and Chardonnay: the Carp ridge is devoted to this Burgundian ideal.

The KINfolk have a unique agrarian sensibility to winegrowing using sustainable farming practices. Our tender vinifera vines are gently and painstakingly buried under earth each fall. Nothing is easy about our viticultural methods.